March 27, 2020

Featured Missionary (Nomer & Roseleth Castro)

With almost 16 Batches that had undergone through both Internship and Apprenticeship, we want to start featuring specific missionary graduates who are now full-time missionaries pursuing the call of God in their lives.

This is Nomer & Tet Castro, a missionary couple from the Philippines. They started serving the Lord as missionaries in Cambodia until God connected them to us . For almost 4 years, they have been serving with us here in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

They have undergone both the Internship & Apprenticeship training for almost 1 year & 4 months time. It was the season of their life that God is giving them a clearer view of how their missionary journey would look like. God has spoken to them specific nations of destinations and they are currently studying and praying for God-give strategies on how to reach the people.

They both serve at Asian Mission Outreach Foundation.

Nomer serves as:
1. Doi Hang Community Outreach Leader
2. He is Leadership Team of Asian Institute For Missions
3. Teacher in the Internship & Apprenticeship Missionary Training

Tet serves as:
1. Prayer Coordinator of Christ to the World Church
2. She is Leadership Team of Asian Institute For Missions
3. Medical-Health Coordinator (She is a Medical Technologist by Profession)
4. Coordinator of Missionary Kids Program

Vision Statement:
To see a church planted fulfilling the great commission to an unreached people group in Asia and the rest of the world.”

Mission Statement:
To evangelize and disciple unreached people group through holistic community programs. Raising up local leaders and equipping them to plant churches and train missionaries.”

We greatly honor them as a man and woman of God raised upon for our generation, and for the nations of the world. We strongly believe that Chiang Rai, Thailand only serves as their starting point and soon enough they will be placed by God to their destined mission field.

We believe that wherever God leads them, they will pioneer an AMO Mission Base where a church will be planted, missionaries will be trained and people will be led back to the Lord. Also, they will be instrumental to start a movement in Empowering the Body of Christ through training, and operate a mission training program.

They know the cost of following Christ.
They know what sacrifices they have to make.
They know how dangerous mission life can be.

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

They were not hindered by fear but rather they use the realities of serving God as an instrument to stir up and awakening their faith all the more.


As for the moment, Asian Institute for Missions is making an initiative to help the couple fund their mission and their ministry. We are starting a project named: PROJECT 2020.

The project aims to look for 20 person who will commit $20 for this year 2020. The mission support will be instrumental for the purposes of:

1. Transportation Support.
– They are transitioning the people in their community outreach into attending the weekly church service which is costly since the people live in a remote area where there is no local transportation available. They have to pick them up every time and bring them back after the church service.

2. Ministry Support
– God has given them a strategy to holistically reach the community by reaching one family at a time and through “Livelihood Program”. In a remote place where they live, it is necessary not just to help fill their daily needs but to teach them how to provide for themselves. For the past 2 months, they have started a Pig Farm where the villagers were encouraged to make their own pig pen for them to be able to manage at least 2-3 pigs that can provide them alternative and additional income.
– As a result, 2 homes were reached out and 5 people are regularly attending the church. With more ministry funds, they can reach not just 2 family, but an entire community.

You can help impact this nation by partnering with this missionary couple. They were never hesitant to say yes to God, would you say yes too?

We are only looking for 20 people, can you be their first partner?