March 3, 2020


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What is the Apprenticeship Program for?

If the Internship Program is designed to provide a platform for the trainees to seek God’s confirmation for their missionary call, the Apprenticeship Program is exclusive for those individuals and families who are already decided to pursue long-term missions.

Goals of the Apprenticeship:

  1. Stabilize every trainee in 4 major areas of their lives mainly:
    (Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Ministry)
  2. Lead every missionary to pioneer an outreach, a program or a movement.

This training program is intended to be a stepping stone as they take the first step to pursue their Vision. It is mainly focused in pioneering ministry outreaches & programs that will lead people and communities to becoming a disciple of Christ. We believe that every person called by God is fully equipped & empowered to impact the nations, even to the point of planting churches.

The training provides a platform for the trainees to learn from experienced missionaries on how to pioneer an outreach but at the same time guide them in starting their own.

Below are some details you need to know about the Apprenticeship Program: (Refresh the page if necessary to see the image)



  1. Download the Apprenticeship Application Form
  2. Fill up the form then send to:
  3. Your application will be reviewed for about (2-3 days). You will receive an reply email to schedule you for a short video interview.