March 3, 2020


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What is the Internship Program for?

From every generation, God constantly raises up people who will mediate and stand in the gap for Him. We believe that God already prepared people in our generation who were chosen, called and destined to be a missionary. Many of these people recognize the call of God in their lives, however, they are not fully aware of what can be the first step to pursue it. On the other hand, there are also some who feels that they are called but they are desiring to receive more confirmations from God.

Either way, the training was built to provide a platform for every missionary trainee to have a dedicated 3-months in seeking the will of God. This is the season where these trainees are in the process of internalizing the greater Vision that God is putting in their hearts, and also a season of greater denial of themselves.

Two important questions they have to seek God for:
1. What is God asking me to do?
2. Where is God asking me to go?

Below are some details you need to know about the Internship Program: (Refresh the page if necessary to see the image)



  1. Download the Internship Application Form
  2. Fill up the form then send to:
  3. Your application will be reviewed for about (2-3 days). You will receive an reply email to schedule you for a short video interview