March 11, 2020



What is the Tent-Maker Program for?

Though all of us are called and given the mandate to take part of the great commission, we have to understand and consider that there are different times and seasons for every individual.

We believe that professionals are called by God to make disciples. They may not be called for full-time ministry now, but they need a platform to discover their calling, identity and spiritual gifts.

We believe that their work place is their MISSION FIELD!

This is a 5-Months training that is divided in 2 Phases:

1. Ministry Orientation

We believe that every member of the church is a worker. Every one of us has our own function and purpose of which we must perform. If we envision a fruitful church ministry, we need to see that every member is engaged in serving the Lord.

2. Mission Orientation

We believe that every church worker must be connected and engaged in making disciples. Our desire is to lead them from serving the church into involving in a community outreach.